A Powerful But Simple Mobile App for your Car Dealership

Auto Dealer App by Pulse is a customized, dealer to customer communication platform, which is easy to install and operate. By using this app, dealers can provide superior, personalized customer service to:

  • Increase sales leads
  • Drive repeat service visits
  • Deepen customer loyalty

As a value-added partner, Pulse has the technical expertise to integrate the app with your existing solutions. Features such as credit applications, real time payments, and service scheduling are just some of the options. Pulse can also assist with the marketing required to create awareness and introduce the app to your customers.

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Pulse Auto Dealer App, specializes in the design, development and deployment of branded communications platforms, for auto dealerships. With over 20 years of software solutions experience, we bring high level of expertise and attention to detail on every project we implement and support, to provide customer satisfaction.

Our car dealer app can help your car dealership communicate better with customers, increase sales and customer loyalty and also get access to valuable client analytics. Request a free demo today.

Why Invest in a Branded Dealer Mobile App?

There are many reasons to invest in Auto Dealer App by Pulse, here are just a few:

  • Deepen analytics & insight into customer behavior
  • Provide superior, customized service
  • Use geo-fencing for targeted digital campaigns
  • Provide a seamless user experience through smartphone features
  • Send mobile coupons which are redeemed at 10X the rate of traditional ones
  • Provide ease of access to 2 out of 3 customers who are already researching cars using their smartphones
  • Pay a minimal monthly fee and quickly see your return on investment


When you choose Pulse Auto Dealer App Inc., you choose:

  • A value added partner who is customer focused
  • A proven track record of almost 20 years of satisfied customers
  • A choice between a fully customizable or ‘out of the box’ solution
  • An expert specialized in enterprise, dealer and aftermarket offerings
  • A best-practices compliant firm

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