Mobile Marketing For Your Automobile Business: Nay Or Here To Stay?

The key to stimulating your auto dealership sales is to evolve its operations and stay current with the fast-paced times. Online marketing may have reigned the business charts as one of the quintessential marketing hacks, but it’s just gone a step further. Today, mobile applications are a dominant form of digital […]

The Mobile Marketing Game Is On: Where’s The Automotive Industry?

How often have you picked up your mobile, opened an app, and searched for a product? Twice a day, or more, perhaps? If you’re so prone to using your mobile, do you think your customers will lag behind? Of course not! As an automotive dealer, you might think that people would […]

Are Customers Moving Away From Your App? Fix This Retention Problem Now!

With a foolproof app idea like yours, acquiring the 100, 1000, 10000 users might have been a breeze. But how many of your initial customers remain loyal to your brand over time? According to this Kissmetrics study, it is 61% likely that in case you are unable to enthrall your users, […]

Mobile Payment: Next Big Trend In The Automotive Industry

Technology is constantly revolutionizing the way your customers interact with your business. After e-commerce and online payment, most major online brands now have mobile apps so that customers can select, shop, and pay for their purchases by just tapping on their smartphones. Recently, the automotive industry has jumped on the bandwagon […]

How to Hook Millennials to Your Automobile Service

Millennials are the generation that reach adulthood after the year 2000. As you can imagine, they are a tech-savvy bunch, better equipped and more intuitive to online shopping, searching deals and gathering information on automobile services online. This proficiency in using mobile technology to research purchases means there is now a […]

Boost Auto Sales with Integrated Marketing Strategies

If there is anything that marketers have learned from 2014, it was to embrace the digital age and create strong digital marketing strategies alongside other campaigns to succeed in 2015. Here’s a custom checklist for your dealership. #1 Is your website fully equipped? When a consumer is looking for information online, […]

Role of Smartphones in Auto Dealership Marketing

E-commerce has rapidly changed the way consumers search, research, discover and buy products. The demand is not limited to low-risk investments like fashion, food and beauty, but has expanded to high-risk investments like electronics, real-estate, automobiles and more. Smartphones leverage information about potential purchases right on a customer’s fingertips.   At […]

Customer Referral Program Made Easy with Pulse’s Dealership Mobile App

TORONTO – CANADA, August, 2014 –  Pulse, a provider of Mobile Apps announced today the addition of a Referral program to existing Dealerships and their branded mobile App offering.  With a Branded Mobile App, Dealerships can grab a piece of prime real estate on their customer’s smartphone to boost loyalty, referrals […]

The Moran Group Partners with Pulse for Dealership Mobile Apps

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA, January 2014—The Moran Group, an Automotive Advertising Agency, and Pulse, a provider of Mobile Apps, jointly announced today that they have partnered to enhance the Digital Marketing Strategies for Automotive Dealerships by providing branded mobile apps. With the fast adoption of smartphones, mobile apps have become part of […]

Pulse Offers Dealership Branded Apps (As Seen in Canadian AUTOWORLD)

Pulse Services has come up with a way for dealerships to have their own branded, mobile app. Company president Mohan Markandaier calls the app a surefire, goodwill builder. “Our objective is to enable consumers to download the app and do everything they have to right from the app itself.” Markandaier stresses “they are opening a dealership app. That means the […]

Pulse to Exhibit at the 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

TORONTO – CANADA, September, 2013 –  Pulse, provider of Mobile Apps is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas  (Oct 15-17) demonstrating our Mobile App Solutions that is revolutionizing the Dealership business. Pulse’s Mobile app allows dealerships to […]