If there is anything that marketers have learned from 2014, it was to embrace the digital age and create strong digital marketing strategies alongside other campaigns to succeed in 2015. Here’s a custom checklist for your dealership.

#1 Is your website fully equipped?

When a consumer is looking for information online, one of the first places they would go will be the dealership website. Your website has to be responsive in design, so it is easily accessible from any device used by the consumer.

Remember that the homepage content and user interface should be able to hook your consumer within ten seconds of their visit and persuasive enough to make them stay. A great website has a robust design, simple content, and detailed information, to help a consumer learn all they need to on a single visit. Your website should have a call to action that should create leads for conversions.

#2 Are you visible on search engines?

Investing in Search Engine Optimization for top keywords related to the automotive industry, specific to your location can immensely help in driving traffic to your website. Optimizing website content, social media identities, and all your online properties will help in increasing visibility.

#3 Are you social?

In order to spread the word about the brand, you need to be where all your consumers are – social media. Create engaging campaigns, be one of them, share useful content and use links to direct traffic towards your website. You can also use offers, promotions and events to generate footfalls at the dealership.

#4 Grab a Shortcut with an App

While the results of the above strategies take effect, invest in building an app for your dealership that caters to all demands of your customers such as price listings, inventory, availability, dealership information, store locator and more. At Pulse Auto Dealer App, we have apps available for customization to suit your dealership needs. Contact us for more details.