Millennials are the generation that reach adulthood after the year 2000. As you can imagine, they are a tech-savvy bunch, better equipped and more intuitive to online shopping, searching deals and gathering information on automobile services online. This proficiency in using mobile technology to research purchases means there is now a greater potential for car dealerships apps today than ever before.

What do they really want?

The tech-savvy generation, however, does still treasure the in-dealership experience. What they value more are reviews, information, and the ease of getting connected with automobile businesses. This does not obviate the need for real-time interaction at car dealerships but improves the engagement statistics during dealership visits.

Things are not that different

Millennials want accessibility, but they still have the same requirements of traditional customers. They desire and search for the same information as a conventional customer, practical concerns such as fuel economy, performance, and pricing, are still priorities.

Studies and figures commissioned a study in 2015 that found that 73% of Millennials (between ages 18-36) thought that they are savvier and better-informed car buyers that their parents.

41% of millennial car buyers read reviews and other critical car shopping information online before making a purchase, as opposed to only 21% adults in the same category. 62% of Millennials agreed that they would pay more for a car if it were WiFi connected.

These figures imply that the future of automobile trading is going digital, without outdating the basic consumer requirement of the in-store experience and the test drive. This is a time for businesses to evolve to meet the changing needs of the young consumer, and in turn connect with a larger audience to meet the growing demand for quality automobile services.