TORONTO – CANADA, August, 2014 –  Pulse, a provider of Mobile Apps announced today the addition of a Referral program to existing Dealerships and their branded mobile App offering.  With a Branded Mobile App, Dealerships can grab a piece of prime real estate on their customer’s smartphone to boost loyalty, referrals and instantly reach out to customers with special offers and promotions.

Customer Referral programs have proven to increase sales and profitability for dealerships. Referrals not only reduce the cost of customer acquisition, but also have a higher close ratio especially when referred by a family or friend.  However, the biggest challenge has been to implement and maintain an effective referral program for dealerships that is cost effective and manageable. With the addition of a referral program to Pulse’s customer focused mobile App, customers are able to easily refer friends and family members back to the dealership for a reward. The rewards can be points, services, or cash but the main goal is to create loyalty, and a feedback loop to the customer. Finally the referral service also gets the sales team engaged with grass roots promotion of the App to their client base.   This is important as there is a potential reward to that sales person from their clients, in the form of referrals via the App. Emails are automatically sent to all the parties, and tracked in the CRM.

“Dealership staff are able to encourage their customers to refer friends and families with a push of a button” according to Mohan Markandaier, President, Pulse Auto Dealer App. “With many studies showing the benefits of a Branded Mobile App, the challenge has been for Dealers to promote the App to increase customer usage.  An integrated referral program provides an incentive for dealership staff to promote the App as well as provide another reason for customers to download it, especially if there is a reward”

As the Mobile App industry continues to grow exponentially, Pulse continues to enhance its branded mobile App offering to dealerships that helps to increase revenue and profitability as well as provide value to its customers.

About Pulse.

Auto Dealer App by Pulse allows dealerships to launch its own branded Mobile App to connect with customers. Customers are able to search for new or pre-owned vehicle inventory, schedule service appointment & receive notifications, access dealership personnel, receive deals & promotions and many other functionalities. The mobile App also integrates with the Dealership’s social media like Facebook & Twitter. Established in 1996, Pulse Services specializes in design, development and deployment of communication applications. For more details, visit

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