Effective ways to promote your dealership mobile app

Congratulations! You have a mobile app for your dealership. Now what? The app market has become crowded. With over 1.2 million apps available on iTunes and another 1.2 million on Google, having a launch strategy is important to ensure that your app reaches your clients.

Here are some effective ways to promote your app so that you see a ROI on your mobile app.

  • Dealership Traffic

It’s important that you let your customers and potential customers know you have a mobile app. The chances of them hearing about your app through your own advertisements are greater than stumbling upon it on iTunes or Google Play. Create a banner, zip-banner, signage and flyers and spice up your dealership with the announcement of your app. If people don’t know you have an app, they can’t download it.

  • Customized Video

Video ads, customized for your dealership are an effective way to reach clients and let them know what they can do with your app in a simple and visually attractive way.

  • Social Media

If you’re not best buddies yet, make sure you become best friends soon. Social media channels are one of the best ways to reach potential clients and maintain an ongoing relationship with existing clients. Promote your app through your dealership’s social media channels by sending out regular social media posts encouraging your audience to download the app. Use images and tailor your posts to each social media channel.  Different channels have different requirements, and certain content does better on select channels. It’s important to understand the different channels and use them effectively. In addition, social media also allows you to advertise direct downloads.

  • E-newsletters

If your company has an e-newsletter, make sure include a feature about your new app in a prominent place and provide direct links to download. Make the download process as easy as possible. Avoid many click-throughs as they tend to have a lower rate of download success. Also, make sure your website has the right links to downloading the app.

  • Print Marketing

Print marketing is also important to encourage in-house app downloads. Using table top tents, window decals and stickers are a great way to let your customers know you have an app and encourage downloading. Furthermore, placing these items by service desks, and entrances will be eye catchy for potential app downloaders. Other ways to encourage direct download is to have QR codes that customers can scan and download the app directly on their mobile devices.

  • Web Presence

When you get an app, remember to update your website. A good idea is to create or update your web banner and web page with this information. When visitors go to your site, they will be able to see the banner and download the app or find more information. You can also set it up so that when customers click on the web banner, they will be able to see a QR code that will let them download the app.