From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we’re exposed to a lot of marketing – much of that exposure on screens. According the Nielsen group, 171.5 million people (71%) own a smartphone device. With such a large potential market, we all know using mobile technology and tools are an effective way to reach this group – especially Generation Y. But, with so many options, which medium is the most effective to reach them? Let’s explore email blasts with push notifications.



According to estimates by the Radicati Group, 183 billion messages sent and received each day! That’s a lot of emails. Email has been one of the most popularly used modes of communication with clients – email blasts, e-newsletters and promotional coupons are often sent through email.



  • Accessible on a multitude of devices.
  • Can send information on many things all at once (e-newsletters).
  • Much more detailed and easily able to hyperlink to more information.

  • Can be sent to junk mail (especially the first email!)
  • Spam and malware can be easily spread.
  • Messages may be filtered as spam or malware.
  • People get many emails that they do not always open and read them

Push Notifications

In today’s world, it seems like our mobile devices are an extension of our bodies as are constantly attached to them. In fact, according to Localytics, 44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so they didn’t miss a notification! This tells us that customers are open to receiving notifications on their phone.


  • Cost-efficient.
  • Immediately delivered to customers.
  • Messages can’t be filtered as spam or malware.
  • Can use behavioural app-data to personalize messages.
  • Customer won’t incur costs

  • Customers need to agree to accept push notifications when they download the app.
  • Easy to delete once the customer has reviewed the message.

While email is a great tool for communicating with clients, you don’t always know how engaged people are with the content. Push notifications are more likely to get your message across – it’s timely, is short and delivers the content immediately. A mixed marketing approach is always the best idea, but if your looking to grow the reach to your app users, push notifications is the way to go.