With the smartphone being a trusty companion for most people, mobile marketing could be the best way for auto dealers to sell their products. Mobile is one of the most effective marketing platforms, which is accessible for everyone and is easy to understand and manage. Here are some useful strategies to market your auto dealership through mobiles:

  • Invest in a mobile app – The single most important step you could take for promoting your business on mobile is by investing in an app for your dealership. According to Flurry Analytics, apps take up 80% of the time a smartphone user spends on their phone. You could work with a vendor that provides you with a well-designed dealer-branded mobile app.
  • Provide functionality – When launching a dealer-branded app for your business, you must ensure that it provides functionality that is beneficial to users. It should have the basic functions that will allow users to sort and search for vehicles based on brand, year, and price. Have the complete details of each car available for viewing along with high-quality photos. 
  • Offer special features – In addition to the basic features given above, your mobile app should also have some features to make it stand out from other dealer-branded mobile apps. For instance, it could enable users to view service specials and then schedule service appointments at the click of a button. Make sure they can easily notice any coupons or deals that you currently offer.