Did you know that the automobile industry was the first to realize the power of digital marketing? Somewhere along the way, auto dealers have lost faith in online presence and have fallen behind in their efforts. Today the bulk of auto marketing efforts lies in offline marketing where dealerships are investing vast sums on a large audience only to receive minimal conversion. The best way to leap ahead in the industry by optimizing resources and leveraging the perks of digital marketing.

Customers are always online

Whether purchases are made online or offline, customers research extensively online. The minute they decide to buy a product, they go on a quest to compare brands, models, and prices, with an eye out for reviews. In the auto industry, this necessitates dealers to cross platforms and interject themselves at every level to converse and convert a customer. With the rising e-commerce trend, auto dealers would benefit more with an online store and mobile app that can aid customers in making online purchases.

Digital communities are a big win

Buyers always seek advice and rely on others’ opinions before making a purchase. This behavior is at its peak when a customer decides to buy a car. They visit social media channels, online forums and communities  to read reviews and participate in discussions that help them make the right decision. It is an excellent arena for auto dealers to facilitate such discussion forums and also dedicate a team that can actively participate and provide accurate insights to potential customers.

It is all about strategy

Digital marketing is not only about website s, social media, or mobile apps, but is driven by an integrated and seamless approach. Although a few digital properties can serve their purpose, a holistic approach with website, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, mobile app marketing, video marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, blog marketing, forum discussions and more can help auto dealers leverage the full potential of the digital world.