Pulse Services has come up with a way for dealerships to have their own branded, mobile app.

Company president Mohan Markandaier calls the app a surefire, goodwill builder.

“Our objective is to enable consumers to download the app and do everything they have to right from the app itself.”

Markandaier stresses “they are opening a dealership app. That means the customer will always think of the dealership.”

With the ever-growing popularity of mobile phones, it’s a way for customers and prospective customers to stay connected with the dealership and vice versa.

He lists features that will win over customers. They include access to new and used inventory and access to dealership personnel, notification when the customer’s car is due for service, the ability to book service appointments and a finance cost calculator.

The app also integrates with the dealership’s service rewards program so the customers can collect rewards points and review transactions.

He says a nightly inventory feed keeps the app up to date. Should the customer show an interest in a certain model, dealership staff will know who’s looking because the customer has to register when downloading the app. Then staffers can contact them.

Dealerships are able to target deals and promotions for a specific customer in real time via push notifications while customers are able share these with others via social media or email.

The app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter, so customers can view the dealership’s social media pages right from the app. It also works on iPhone and Android devices.

Other perks include a collision-recording feature that lets the customer take a picture of the damage, the other driver’s licence and insurance documents and a parked car finder.

He promises to add features such as one that notifies the service advisor when the car enters the dealership and one that lets the service advisor send the customer the bill for approval and payment.

Markandaier insists there’s room for more.

“We will update this so the customer doesn’t have to constantly download apps to do so many different tasks.”

Located just north of Toronto in Markham, Ont., Pulse Services has been in the communications business since 1996.

He says the app, which can be customized with the dealership’s logo, integrates with the store’s DMS and third-party systems.

“There are no costly start-up fees. A small monthly service fee takes care of the rest.”

For more information, visit www.dealershipmobileapp.com or contact [email protected]

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