How often have you picked up your mobile, opened an app, and searched for a product? Twice a day, or more, perhaps? If you’re so prone to using your mobile, do you think your customers will lag behind? Of course not!

As an automotive dealer, you might think that people would love visiting your showroom or browsing your website for new car models. You’re not entirely wrong, but you definitely need to up your marketing agenda. A smartphone is no longer taken for granted and has been proved to be a powerful marketing platform. The automotive industry is in need of it now than ever!

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important?

People are glued to their phones and it’s that one gadget they carry everywhere. Imagine someone spotting a new car on the road while waiting for their cab. If they’re curious enough, they’ll immediately fish out their phone and look it up on the internet. If they have been planning on getting a new vehicle, they might even browse for auto dealership apps. Now, you do have a website, but if you don’t have a customer-friendly app, you might have just lost a potential customer.

Reports suggest that a large number of automobile shoppers hunt for vehicles on apps. They usually look for offers and prices or read up inventory information.

How To Get Mobile Marketing Right?

The key to getting the mobile marketing right is understanding what your users want. The difference between a website and an app lies in its functionality. In the case of an app, it should help people find information more easily. For example, your inventory list along with the prices must be easier to navigate through and understand. However, your app shouldn’t just be good enough for car purchases; it should also help you establish a relationship with your customers.

To get a functional app, you can hire an app developer with relevant experience. Look at their past work and see how their apps have fared in the market. Once you have found the right developer, you can discuss ideas and come up with a customer-friendly app.

How Will You Benefit?

You might wonder that you’re an auto dealer and not many people buy cars through apps. But did you know that if you have an auto-dealership app, your sales increase considerably? One of the major advantages of having an app is geo-targeted notifications. You can send specific information about new launches and car services to customers located in a particular area.

For example, someone residing in California might have different automotive requirements than someone living in New York or Toronto. Also, through an auto-dealership app, you’ll be able to offer discounts and freebies to potential buyers, thereby increasing your customer base.

Mobile marketing is taking almost every industry by storm and it’s high time the automotive industry embraced this new marketing strategy. It will not just increase your annual sales and revenue, but will also help you retain old customers and gain new ones.