Mobile Marketing For Your Automobile Business: Nay Or Here To Stay?


The key to stimulating your auto dealership sales is to evolve its operations and stay current with the fast-paced times. Online marketing may have reigned the business charts as one of the quintessential marketing hacks, but it’s just gone a step further.

Today, mobile applications are a dominant form of digital interaction. From building an app to internally tracking logistics, maintenance, performance, and other operational stuff, there are now apps to market and redirect your sales. App-based marketing is making waves among the companies that want to stay ahead of the game.

Don’t let the hassles of constantly upgrading your app to suit the changing operating systems and paying a premium to the developer stop you from upscaling your business. Let’s take a look at how a mobile app helps your business grow.

Reinforces Your Brand

When you tap into the pool of the modern, smartphone-powered targeted advertising to complement your sales, you’d get that and much more. Your customized mobile app will enhance your business’s visibility and increase its accessibility to your current and potential clients. It will sync you with the on-the-go consumers who prefer getting everything with the touch of a phone. You will control how you market your products and the way you want to do it. And most of all, let’s not forget to factor in the loyalty of your customers.

Increases Customer Engagement


Your app would let your customers have an easy access to your inventory. Any new launches, sales, events, or discount codes offered by your company would be right at their fingertips. Making a quick and seamless appointment with you would be an easy task. Push notifications of the app will bring you closer to customer interaction, and you can update them regularly about your products and services.

Gives High Return On Investment

When you build an app for your auto dealership business, you’d be asked to pay a premium, monthly or yearly. It’s a reasonable investment when compared to the jump in sales it gets you. You can lure back the old customers who haven’t been in touch by the means of interesting discount coupons. Doesn’t matter how big or small your dealership is when you can virtually access your customers with your app in real time. From helping you address their queries to bringing them to your doorstep, your app can give you an upper hand for increasing customer loyalty.

The explosion of smartphones and tablets is something you can’t ignore. And the trend of app-based services is only bound to pick up speed. Transform your business by taking your marketing tactics up a notch using an app-based service platform. Optimize your business today, take a lead in the competition and reap the benefits.

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The Mobile Marketing Game Is On: Where’s The Automotive Industry?


How often have you picked up your mobile, opened an app, and searched for a product? Twice a day, or more, perhaps? If you’re so prone to using your mobile, do you think your customers will lag behind? Of course not!

As an automotive dealer, you might think that people would love visiting your showroom or browsing your website for new car models. You’re not entirely wrong, but you definitely need to up your marketing agenda. A smartphone is no longer taken for granted and has been proved to be a powerful marketing platform. The automotive industry is in need of it now than ever!

Why Mobile Marketing Is Important?

People are glued to their phones and it’s that one gadget they carry everywhere. Imagine someone spotting a new car on the road while waiting for their cab. If they’re curious enough, they’ll immediately fish out their phone and look it up on the internet. If they have been planning on getting a new vehicle, they might even browse for auto dealership apps. Now, you do have a website, but if you don’t have a customer-friendly app, you might have just lost a potential customer.

Reports suggest that a large number of automobile shoppers hunt for vehicles on apps. They usually look for offers and prices or read up inventory information.

How To Get Mobile Marketing Right?

The key to getting the mobile marketing right is understanding what your users want. The difference between a website and an app lies in its functionality. In the case of an app, it should help people find information more easily. For example, your inventory list along with the prices must be easier to navigate through and understand. However, your app shouldn’t just be good enough for car purchases; it should also help you establish a relationship with your customers.

To get a functional app, you can hire an app developer with relevant experience. Look at their past work and see how their apps have fared in the market. Once you have found the right developer, you can discuss ideas and come up with a customer-friendly app.


How Will You Benefit?

You might wonder that you’re an auto dealer and not many people buy cars through apps. But did you know that if you have an auto-dealership app, your sales increase considerably? One of the major advantages of having an app is geo-targeted notifications. You can send specific information about new launches and car services to customers located in a particular area.

For example, someone residing in California might have different automotive requirements than someone living in New York or Toronto. Also, through an auto-dealership app, you’ll be able to offer discounts and freebies to potential buyers, thereby increasing your customer base.

Mobile marketing is taking almost every industry by storm and it’s high time the automotive industry embraced this new marketing strategy. It will not just increase your annual sales and revenue, but will also help you retain old customers and gain new ones.

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Are Customers Moving Away From Your App? Fix This Retention Problem Now!


With a foolproof app idea like yours, acquiring the 100, 1000, 10000 users might have been a breeze. But how many of your initial customers remain loyal to your brand over time? According to this Kissmetrics study, it is 61% likely that in case you are unable to enthrall your users, they’re more than ready to make the switch to your competitor.

Customer retention is one of the most important yet most overlooked problems in the market. If you think your app has been experiencing such a problem, here’re are some tips that will help you build a long-term relationship with your customer.

  1. Say ‘Hi’ To Your Users

If you want to retain your users, you need to maintain constant communication with them. You can start by introducing an in-app messaging service. It’s a great way of updating your customers about the latest features, answering their queries, or just saying hello. The effort that you put in towards keeping your users informed will go a long way in building a loyal user base.

  1. Implement Cohort Analysis

A cohort is a group of people that have the same behavioral characteristics. A cohort analysis allows you to study how a certain group rated your app and how they liked/disliked it. The best way to understand the likeability of your app is to undertake an acquisition cohort analysis. In this system, you divide people based on when they signed up for your app. Once implemented, you should focus on users who have stayed active for 90 days from the time of registration. If you’re unable to keep users beyond 90 days, you might need to go back to the drawing board – conduct customer surveys to find out what went wrong, and then fix it.

  1. Send Push Messages and Emails

The easiest way to makes sure that they stick around is to send push notifications and emails once in a while.

Send an email to your users telling them how thankful you are for their continued support and how you intend to improve their experience. Make sure you write personalized emails so that it gets attention from users and doesn’t end up in their trash bin.

Along with email, push messages play a significant role in retaining customers. Send push messages that are direct, meaningful, and personalized. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can take help from companies that specialize in sending high-quality push notifications.

  1. Improve, Communicate, Connect!

If you’re waiting for the app store to tell you what’s wrong with your app, you’re losing out on more users than you realize. Always remember to check the app functionalities from time to time and keep updating your service so that you can keep the retention numbers in check.

Also, you have to pay a lot of attention to the churn rate of your app. A churn rate determines how many people stopped using your app over a certain period of time. Determining this is essential to making profits from your venture. You can reach out to the customers that have left the app and convince them to resume their subscription.

A company can grow only when it is capable of retaining its old customers along with gaining new ones. If you want to make your app successful, remember to follow the tips given above with due diligence.

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Mobile Payment: Next Big Trend In The Automotive Industry


Technology is constantly revolutionizing the way your customers interact with your business. After e-commerce and online payment, most major online brands now have mobile apps so that customers can select, shop, and pay for their purchases by just tapping on their smartphones.

Recently, the automotive industry has jumped on the bandwagon and this trend will not only boost sales but will also help build a loyal and happy customer base. For example, if you’re a car dealer, you can use a mobile app to inform your customer about exclusive deals & promotions, give them reward points, and set schedules for car servicing. This way, you will be able to establish a long-term relationship with your customers.

Mobile Payment Trends Are Here To Stay

In this tech-savvy world, a lot of consumers are dependent on their smartphones and expect to make all their purchases through mobile apps. In order to keep up with this new trend, app developers have come up with the concept of the digital wallet and other mobile payment systems. These technological developments are slowly changing the market scenario as more and more retailers adopt these modes of payment.

A digital wallet allows a consumer to link their bank account or credit card details with the software. Now, whenever they shop, the digital wallet will make the payment on their behalf. This not only saves them from the mundane task of entering bank details for every online purchase, but also eliminates the risk of losing money from a physical wallet. Apart from this, digital wallets also carry the benefits of store vouchers and coupon codes which can be used as per the customer’s convenience.

Payment Trends to Watch Out For

Consumers are taking an active interest in pre-paid cards, e-money accounts, and biometric payments. Pre-paid cards are usually linked with e-money accounts and they are preferred by people who don’t own a traditional bank account. Biometric payments are going to be the next big change in the mobile payment world, as fingerprints and voice recognition technology will be used to make payments.

Mobile Payment Facility at Your Store

Many reputed e-commerce companies have launched mobile apps to not only ease the shopping experience of their customers but also to build a relationship with them. For example, if you own an automotive spare parts store, you can start a mobile payment facility for your customers and also offer discount coupons or loyalty schemes periodically. This will keep your customers happy and in turn boost your business.

Mobile payments also provide convenience and efficiency for your service departments. For example, when the customers bring the car in for a service, advisors can send a push notification message to the customer that the car is ready for pick up and allow the customers to pay for the service from the mobile phone itself. This not only provides a convenience for the customer but provides efficiency for the dealership staff.

Mobile payments are secure, as the information transferred to the merchant is encrypted and nothing is stored on the device. As a result, consumers find this route of paying more reliable and safe.

Staying on top of trends is the no.1 way to retain and acquire customers. By introducing mobile payment apps for your brand, you will not only keep your customers happy but will also be able to expand your business horizon.

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Effective ways to promote your dealership mobile app

Effective ways to promote your dealership mobile app

Congratulations! You have a mobile app for your dealership. Now what? The app market has become crowded. With over 1.2 million apps available on iTunes and another 1.2 million on Google, having a launch strategy is important to ensure that your app reaches your clients.

Here are some effective ways to promote your app so that you see a ROI on your mobile app.

  • Dealership Traffic

It’s important that you let your customers and potential customers know you have a mobile app. The chances of them hearing about your app through your own advertisements are greater than stumbling upon it on iTunes or Google Play. Create a banner, zip-banner, signage and flyers and spice up your dealership with the announcement of your app. If people don’t know you have an app, they can’t download it.

  • Customized Video

Video ads, customized for your dealership are an effective way to reach clients and let them know what they can do with your app in a simple and visually attractive way.

  • Social Media

If you’re not best buddies yet, make sure you become best friends soon. Social media channels are one of the best ways to reach potential clients and maintain an ongoing relationship with existing clients. Promote your app through your dealership’s social media channels by sending out regular social media posts encouraging your audience to download the app. Use images and tailor your posts to each social media channel.  Different channels have different requirements, and certain content does better on select channels. It’s important to understand the different channels and use them effectively. In addition, social media also allows you to advertise direct downloads.

  • E-newsletters

If your company has an e-newsletter, make sure include a feature about your new app in a prominent place and provide direct links to download. Make the download process as easy as possible. Avoid many click-throughs as they tend to have a lower rate of download success. Also, make sure your website has the right links to downloading the app.

  • Print Marketing

Print marketing is also important to encourage in-house app downloads. Using table top tents, window decals and stickers are a great way to let your customers know you have an app and encourage downloading. Furthermore, placing these items by service desks, and entrances will be eye catchy for potential app downloaders. Other ways to encourage direct download is to have QR codes that customers can scan and download the app directly on their mobile devices.

  • Web Presence

When you get an app, remember to update your website. A good idea is to create or update your web banner and web page with this information. When visitors go to your site, they will be able to see the banner and download the app or find more information. You can also set it up so that when customers click on the web banner, they will be able to see a QR code that will let them download the app.


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How To Promote Your Dealership App On Facebook

Are you worried about how to market your car dealership app once you have it? There’s nothing to be stressed about as the Internet has a plethora of options to catapult your way to the top and make yourself visible to your target customers. Here’s how you do it through Facebook.

App Page

Similar to a profile or a business page, Facebook has a feature that lets you create an identity for your app. This allows you to increase the visibility of your app and also build an audience to help market your app. Create posts and campaigns to engage your target audience using your App Page.

Lookalike Audiences

One of the best features offered by the social network, this allows you to reach people who share traits of your current customers or fans of your App Page. Facebook also allows you to track and market to relevant audiences using specific filters.

Facebook App Install Ads

The Facebook advertising does it all for you when you want to increase your dealership app installs.  Facebook would show your app ads on your target audience’s newsfeed with a call-to-action button that says ‘Install.’ The moment users click your ad or the button, they will be directed to the app store to download the app onto their smartphones. It is that simple!

Similar to Google AdWords, Facebook has niche-targeting options that can help you narrow down your audience to a specific demographic using location, age, user behavior and more. All you need is the Google Play store and App Store URL and within a few clicks, your ad is built and ready to run. Try it out now!

App Engagement Ads

So there are many people who have installed your app, but they are not using it. Use Facebook’s app engagement ads to drive users towards specific pages of your app through Facebook. They probably have not explored your app as they should have, and don’t know about the offers, sales or even the functionality. All you need to do is set up deep-linking for your app, register it on Facebook and configure all the app settings.

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Mobile Wars: Email or push notifications?


From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we’re exposed to a lot of marketing – much of that exposure on screens. According the Nielsen group, 171.5 million people (71%) own a smartphone device. With such a large potential market, we all know using mobile technology and tools are an effective way to reach this group – especially Generation Y. But, with so many options, which medium is the most effective to reach them? Let’s explore email blasts with push notifications.


Smartphone wirepost Chart 1


According to estimates by the Radicati Group, 183 billion messages sent and received each day! That’s a lot of emails. Email has been one of the most popularly used modes of communication with clients – email blasts, e-newsletters and promotional coupons are often sent through email.


·      Accessible on a multitude of devices.·      Can be sent to junk mail (especially the first email!)

·      Can send information on many things all at once (e-newsletters).

·      Spam and malware can be easily spread.
·      Much more detailed and easily able to hyperlink to more information.

·      Messages may be filtered as spam or malware.

 ·      People get many emails that they do not always open and read them

Push Notifications

In today’s world, it seems like our mobile devices are an extension of our bodies as are constantly attached to them. In fact, according to Localytics, 44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so they didn’t miss a notification! This tells us that customers are open to receiving notifications on their phone.

  • Cost-efficient.
  • Customers need to agree to accept push notifications when they download the app.
  • Immediately delivered to customers.
  • Easy to delete once the customer has reviewed the message.
  • Messages can’t be filtered as spam or malware.
  • Can use behavioural app-data to personalize messages.
  • Customer won’t incur costs

While email is a great tool for communicating with clients, you don’t always know how engaged people are with the content. Push notifications are more likely to get your message across – it’s timely, is short and delivers the content immediately. A mixed marketing approach is always the best idea, but if your looking to grow the reach to your app users, push notifications is the way to go.

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How to Hook Millennials to Your Automobile Service

Millennials are the generation that reach adulthood after the year 2000. As you can imagine, they are a tech-savvy bunch, better equipped and more intuitive to online shopping, searching deals and gathering information on automobile services online. This proficiency in using mobile technology to research purchases means there is now a greater potential for car dealerships apps today than ever before.

What do they really want?

The tech-savvy generation, however, does still treasure the in-dealership experience. What they value more are reviews, information, and the ease of getting connected with automobile businesses. This does not obviate the need for real-time interaction at car dealerships but improves the engagement statistics during dealership visits.

Things are not that different

Millennials want accessibility, but they still have the same requirements of traditional customers. They desire and search for the same information as a conventional customer, practical concerns such as fuel economy, performance, and pricing, are still priorities.

Studies and figures commissioned a study in 2015 that found that 73% of Millennials (between ages 18-36) thought that they are savvier and better-informed car buyers that their parents.

41% of millennial car buyers read reviews and other critical car shopping information online before making a purchase, as opposed to only 21% adults in the same category. 62% of Millennials agreed that they would pay more for a car if it were WiFi connected.

These figures imply that the future of automobile trading is going digital, without outdating the basic consumer requirement of the in-store experience and the test drive. This is a time for businesses to evolve to meet the changing needs of the young consumer, and in turn connect with a larger audience to meet the growing demand for quality automobile services.


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Mobile Marketing Strategy for Auto Dealers


With the smartphone being a trusty companion for most people, mobile marketing could be the best way for auto dealers to sell their products. Mobile is one of the most effective marketing platforms, which is accessible for everyone and is easy to understand and manage. Here are some useful strategies to market your auto dealership through mobiles:

  • Invest in a mobile app – The single most important step you could take for promoting your business on mobile is by investing in an app for your dealership. According to Flurry Analytics, apps take up 80% of the time a smartphone user spends on their phone. You could work with a vendor that provides you with a well-designed dealer-branded mobile app.
  • Provide functionality – When launching a dealer-branded app for your business, you must ensure that it provides functionality that is beneficial to users. It should have the basic functions that will allow users to sort and search for vehicles based on brand, year, and price. Have the complete details of each car available for viewing along with high-quality photos.

  • Offer special features – In addition to the basic features given above, your mobile app should also have some features to make it stand out from other dealer-branded mobile apps. For instance, it could enable users to view service specials and then schedule service appointments at the click of a button. Make sure they can easily notice any coupons or deals that you currently offer.
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Best App Marketing Practices for Auto Dealers


With the popularity of smart phones, businesses in different industries have realized the benefits of mobile applications to market their products and services. Even in the field of auto dealership, app marketing has become and important contributor to higher sales rates. If your auto dealership is introducing a mobile app, here are a few tips to help you gain optimum benefits:

Data collection – You never know how much customer data can help you out in your future marketing campaigns. When creating a mobile app, make sure you try to get users to opt-in for promotions and newsletters. Through this, you can add them to your database for future communications or promotions.

In addition, the collected data can help you in determining your target market. This can help you draft your future marketing campaigns around that customer base. It can also help you learn more about what your customers want and what they’re looking for in cars and in an auto dealer.

Drive engagement and loyalty – Another must-do when creating a mobile app for auto dealers is to offer sales promotions just for mobile users. You could have offers for deals and services that would drive your potential customers in-store. This is a great way to build engagement with your audience and also helps improve customer loyalty.

Be unique and creative – Give your audience a reason why they should choose you instead of your competitors. Your mobile app should be a way to express your organizational values. At the same time, it should also help you show your audience what separates you from other auto dealers.

Coordinate with automotive brands – In case of servicing and warranty-related issues, make sure your mobile app is properly coordinated with your partner brands. This gives your customers a one-stop solution to their queries and needs, helping you provide better service.

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